Fix for Selfie Stick Not Taking Photos on Android Devices

I fixed an annoying problem with a Kitvision Bluetooth Selfie Stick that selected settings mode or zoomed in on my HTC One M7 whenever I pressed the ‘take photo’ button on the stick. I thought other people may benefit from this solution if they have the same issue, which may impact other Android smart phones, so here goes…

[UPDATE 19th July 2015]

I updated my HTC One M7 to Android version 5.0.2 and I’ve had to change the Volume button option to ‘Volume’ instead of the setting described below, which is ‘Capture’. Also, it’s worth noting that if you want to test that the Selfie Stick is communicating with your phone, then try going to your Home Screen and clicking on the Selfie Stick button; the screen should scroll to the right and the ringtone menu should appear. If this happens then you know the Selfie Stick is connected and you need to figure out the right option to take a photo.


First off, the Selfie Stick connects via bluetooth with no issues and it works perfectly when tested with an iPhone. Having tried all kinds of solutions to fix the issue with my HTC One, there’s a very simple solution: start the camera app, go into settings and change the ‘Volume button options’ to ‘Capture’ from the default option of ‘Zoom’. The following step-by-step instructions explain how to do this.

Open the Camera and select the three dots at the top left of the screen:

Three dots

Then select the ‘Settings’ option:


Then scroll down and select ‘Volume button options’:

Volume options

And finally change the setting to ‘Capture’:


And then the button on the Selfie Stick should take photos. I’d be interested to hear if anyone has had similar issues with other Android devices, or other Selfie Sticks or similar accessories.


53 thoughts on “Fix for Selfie Stick Not Taking Photos on Android Devices

  1. Hi, I actually got a selfie stick with a cable that plugs into the audio jack. I have to set the settings to be able to take selfies from pressing the button on the stick, but unlike samsung, HTC ONE doesn’t seem to have that option in the settings 😦

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  2. I have the same issue with my HTC Desire 816G, and I cannot use your solution, because the volume button is not used for zooming. zooming happens by the “pinch screen” feature in my phone.

    Any other way to solve this?


    • 1. My selfie stick is working with camera 360.You just need to download camera 360 app. Then set up the touch screen to take camera. After that you can use your selfie stick to your phone normally. All the best for you.
      2. Go to app store and down selfiestick camera app. You can use it normall too. But read the usage. It’s easy to follow all the instruction.
      all the best for you


      • Selfiestick app work for me…. I search for it long back, now i can use selfiestick with selfishop camera app.. My phone is HTC Desire and its working… Awesome…….


  3. Hi I have a HTC One XL. I have the 3 buttons in Camera which comes up with all the settings but not volume control. When I press the button on the stick, the ringtone comes up (volumes) I just cant seem to do anything to fix it Please help


  4. Hi, I have changed the settings to capture on my HTC desire and it is still not working.

    Any other solutions would be great as it works fine with Iphone


  5. I have the non-bluetooth selfie stick with headphone jack. I tried all the options under the camera settings volume with no luck. Anyone have a solution?


    • Hiya Justin . I had same probs , mine is a samsung galaxy something or other, i manageds to get it working. PERHAPS. just PERHAPS your stick could be broken ??? just an educated guess m8. take it back an see . chees an good luck Ady


  6. I have a GoShot Q1 selfie stick, which connects with phones via a 3.5mm audio jack. It doesn’t work with my android phone(Lenovo S850), even though the volume down button is set to “capture”, but it works on another android phone(LG el Fino D). Any solutions will be greatly appreciated.


  7. My HTC didn’t work with plug in selfie stick. I’ve downloaded
    ‘ selfishop camera’ via app store and it’s just plug in and play now!


  8. Homer Simpson here … I tried the instructions, sure enough had to change the volume key from ‘the zoom key’ to the ‘camera key’ but still no joy. After trying that rubber nipple button on the handle 50 times and just as I was about to chuck it the damn thing fired – took a picture. Turned out the rubber sleeve with the nipple button wasn’t aligned with the real switch on the aluminum shaft – sounds like porn don’t it. I accidentally squeezed the handle where the real switch was. I was able to twist the rubber sleeve with the external nipple button to align with the real switch on the underlying stick. After that no issue. Persistence pays off kids. Cheers!

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  10. It still doesn’t work on my HTC desire 510. I tried everything from setting it to capture, downloading selfie apps still no luck. The selfie stick works with other devices so it’s not broken! Can someone please tell me what to do?


  11. Hi,
    I got for present a selfie stick and unfortunately i can take only videos! I tried your advice but still the same :/ anyone any idea?
    pc: android system, bluetooth wireless selfie stick
    Thank you!


  12. On my S-4 the volume key option was “Camera Key” rather than “Capture”. Other than that the fix worked perfectly. Never knew I could use the volume key to zoom in the first place, so I haven’t lost anything. Actually might prefer triggering the shutter with the volume key, too.


  13. Thanks alot, I went to my camera setting and press the 3 dots like you said and change the zoom to shutter and now I can take pictures with my selfie stick. Thank you soooo much


  14. really appreciate you thank you so much poster i got it and i solved my problem for the sake of you thank you so much


  15. Hi, I have just today purchased the Kitvision Selfie Stick and found this problem with it.
    Was about to take it back to the shope when I discovered this fix.
    I would never have thought of doing this with my HTCA9.
    You are a star, thank you .


  16. Hi I bought a selfie stick for my htc m9 could I get it to work?i think not! The blue tooth worked.but not the camera that is until I found this page so a huge thank you for making it so easy to happy photos from the maldives


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