Deafening Android End Call Tone – FIXED

This article will be useful if:

  1. You have a recent Android phone (mine is an HTC One M7, Android version 4.4.3)
  2. You connect it via bluetooth to a car or headset, and
  3. The deafeningly loud ‘End Call’ and Keypad tones are driving you mad

Having trawled the internet high & low to solve this issue the resolution I found seems embarrassingly simple: whilst you are on a phone call the volume buttons on the side of the phone change the volume of the tones, so you can set the volume to the lowest setting possible and the tones are an acceptable level. The volume control does not change the volume of the voice call as you might expect, instead you use the car/headset volume to change the voice volume. The tone volume setting appears to be retained even after disconnecting and reconnecting the phone. When listening to music via bluetooth the phone’s volume controls do change the music volume and so does the car volume control.


If you’re a Geek or Nerd then read on…

I tried many solutions to solve this issue including asking HTC, installing various apps, searching through Android developer mode options and trawling the Android source code to find a way to write a simple app to disable the End Call tone. If you’re interested it looks like this is the code that plays the DTMF tone when a call ends (search for TONE_CALL_ENDED). The comment on line 1017 was rather infuriating when I first read it but I now find it quite amusing, it states: “// TODO: We may eventually want to disable this via a preference.”. Yep, this developer was spot on!


3 thoughts on “Deafening Android End Call Tone – FIXED

  1. Thank you for that – I am following on that annoying issue for a year now and your post is digging into the issue. thanks.


  2. Hey, nice find within the code! I have been suffering from this beep for a long time now. Did you succeed trying to disable the sound via code?


    • I decompiled the Phone.apk and found the place, but of course replacing an system app is not possible without root access, so an app could never do something like this, except maybe in some very creative way.


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