Digital Content Marketing

Bring your brand to life with Content Marketing

Why is Content Marketing important for your marketing strategy? Content Marketing is the process of creating useful media content for prospects and customers in order to increase your brand appeal, add value to their lives and cement your brand values in their minds. It differs from other forms of marketing in that the content is […]

Fix for Selfie Stick Not Taking Photos on Android Devices

I fixed an annoying problem with a Kitvision Bluetooth Selfie Stick that selected settings mode or zoomed in on my HTC One M7 whenever I pressed the ‘take photo’ button on the stick. I thought other people may benefit from this solution if they have the same issue, which may impact other Android smart phones, […]

Deafening Android End Call Tone – FIXED

This article will be useful if: You have a recent Android phone (mine is an HTC One M7, Android version 4.4.3) You connect it via bluetooth to a car or headset, and The deafeningly loud ‘End Call’ and Keypad tones are driving you mad Having trawled the internet high & low to solve this issue […]